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Invent rituals

Invent rituals

from 1 year 6 months to 3 years

Rituals are customs, a certain sequence of actions that are performed every day at a certain time. For example, in the evening before going to bed kids are bathed, then they put on their pajamas, drink warm milk, mom kisses, hugs and covers them with a blanket and then turns off the light.

Kids love rituals, it is important for them to know what, when and in what sequence things will occur. This commitment to an order is a way to cope with anxiety, because kids are so little and the world is so huge, every day there are lots of new, unpredictable moments, and at least something should be consistent. Relying on rituals, kids will be able to move on, to develop, to take risks and to learn new things.

Particularly important rituals are greetings and goodbyes. In unfamiliar situations rituals help to overcome stress and anxiety.

Rituals, traditions and customs can vary a lot in different families, but they reinforce family values and help family members feel supported by each other.

Make interesting photos and upload them to the App. Write briefly about the rituals your kid likes most at all.

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