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The Autumn Walk

The Autumn Walk

3 to 5 years

Autumn is an amazing season! It is also high time to put on bright coats, scarves and hats, rubber boots and to take colorful umbrellas!
Enjoy with your kid the warm days of the Fall, walking in the city parks, yards and forests.
Walking, you can:

  •  run through the puddles, walk in the rain, catch the cold drops of rain fall with your palms;
  • view the rain water pouring out of the drainpipe and running along the sidewalks;
  • make autumn ships of the fallen leaves;
  • take armfuls of autumn leaves and throw them;
  •  step on the fallen leaves and listen to their rustling;
  • jump into the dry leaves;
  • make beautiful autumn bouquets and wreaths of leaves;
  • make photos of the autumn nature;
  • arrange an autumn picnic;
  • read poems about the fall, etc.

Activity picture for The Autumn Walk in Wachanga

Make photos of your autumn walk, upload to the App. Write briefly about the experience, add some words about your impressions.

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