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Learn how to calm your little one

under 9 months

From the very moment they arrive, babies communicate with us in the only way they possibly can, by crying.

Help your baby to develop a sense of trust and safety by responding to the cries. Feeling secure encourages your baby to try new things. Be consistent so that your little one will know what to expect. To calm your little one, first at all, take it up and try to feed. Perhaps your baby just wants attention.

Try cuddling with your baby. Sometimes a baby just wants to feel comforted by a familiar face and voice. Your baby is familiar with the way you smell, the feel of your touch and the sound of your heart beat. You can offer your baby the security they crave by holding them for a while until they calm down.

If it doesn't help, check their diaper.

Check for a tummy ache by lying baby on their back and pushing their knees up into their belly area. If this process produces an expulsion of gas, it is possible that your baby is suffering from a tummy ache. Try mimicking the motions of the legs when taking a bike ride.

Discern if baby is tired. Some babies do not get as much sleep as they need and can become over-tired. This can lead to excessive crankiness. Try to avoid straying too far from your baby’s routines if it appears.

You can also make a record of your baby's voice when they are in a good mood. Offer your little one to listen to the record when he or she is crying.

Upload to the App a photo with Mom calming the baby. Write briefly about your ways to help your little one when he or she is crying.

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