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Listen to the birds singing with your baby

under 9 months

As any parent with a baby knows, sleep is a precious commodity that is often hard to come by. That is because it is often hard for babies to adapt to their new environment. Many babies find it hard to settle in their cribs when noises from both inside and outside the house distract and disrupt them. They crave repetitive, comforting sounds that don’t frighten them. That is why nature sounds are by far, the most effective and inexpensive sleep aids for babies.
The sounds of Mother Nature are typically white noise that helps create an environment of constant comfort for your baby. They create natural white noise that blocks out the other surrounding sounds. This presents a calm environment for babies to be lulled into sleep. Nature sounds are both safe and proven to help your baby fall asleep faster. Additionally, it has been proven to help keep your baby asleep longer.
You and baby will both relax as you listen to the birds singing or other sounds you like - ocean waves, streams, rain, etc.
Make photo of your little one listening to the birds singing, upload to the App. What melody is your favourite?

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