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Listen to the sounds of nature with your little one!

under 9 months

Listen to Mother Earth’s Voice!

Gentle, relaxing music with beautiful nature sounds will help you and your baby fall asleep faster and sleep better & longer!

Listening to the sounds of nature is one of the quickest and easiest ways to calm down and to recover cheerfulness for young moms to recover, feel cheerful and reduce stress.

The best sounds for babies are the sounds of "water voices", such as rain, creek, sea sounds. Water element is "native" for your baby, as being in mom's tummy, they were surrounded by water. That is why the sounds of water soothes, relaxes a baby, reminding of the most peaceful and relaxing time.

Make a photo of your little one listening with you to the sounds of nature and upload to the App. Write briefly about your own feelings and your baby's reaction.

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