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Rules for Listening to Music

Rules for Listening to Music

Music has truly incredible possibilities. It can both heal and cripple. It can be inspiring or depressing.

under 9 months

You should be very careful about what your child is listening to, especially during the first few years of their life.

To get the maximum benefit out of music, follow these simple rules:

  • Let a mono instrument sound play in the nursery, for example, one piano, one guitar, one flute, one harp. There are many transcriptions, arrangements of classical pieces for one instrument. Your child will get used to the sounds of music much easier, and will remember a melody or beat. Nothing in this style of music is distracting.
  • Separate morning waking music from bedtime music. There are entire collections of music that separate these categories. When the baby is playing, show them funny dances, musical portraits of animals, etc. And before bed - listen to the works of Mozart or Chopin.
  • Choose the music that you like best. If you force yourself to enjoy it, a child will instantly feel it. Share positive feelings with them. As a compromise, play the kind of music you have an equal reaction to.
  • As in all spheres of life, measure is needed here. Start gradually in introducing your kid to the world of music. It’s a good idea to include a 5 minute snippet after breakfast. Observe your baby's reaction: if you don't like it - another option, if you don't like the next one - it is better to postpone it, return to music later. If everything went well, play the same fragment the next day, but for 10 minutes, etc. Set the volume a little quieter than you need, children have sensitive hearing.

Upload your photo with your baby to the application. Write briefly about whether they like listening to musi.

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