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Developing mat made by hand

A useful developmental rug for your baby can be made with your own hands. You will need simple materials and some free time. Follow the step by step instructions.

4 months

Sew your little one a development mat.

You'll need: 

  • a small blanket;
  • various toys;
  • different sized pieces of cloth;
  • filler (peas, beans, rice and the like);
  • large bright buttons, pompoms;
  • thread, needle, scissors (sewing machine).

  1. Sew the pieces of cloth bags, fill them with your filler material.
  2. Sew onto the blanket bags full of toys, buttons, pompons.

The mat is ready! Place the baby on it every day. Let the child feel the bags, buttons, study and look at the toys. Such an experience will give your baby a lot of new interesting visual, sound and sensory sensations.

Important! All the pieces of the toy must be sewn on very tightly so that your child cannot tear them off and swallow them.

Take a picture of your baby during the game, upload the photo to the application. Briefly write about whether they liked the new toy.

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