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Give your baby alone time

Give your baby alone time

under 9 months

Some parents think that they have to entertain their babies all the day and night long. It is not so! Games and exercises with such a little baby should be no longer than 2- 10 minutes, as baby needs time to explore their abilities - moving skills, hand and leg coordination, eye fixation, etc.

You need only to create a favorable environment. Put your baby to into a crib or playpen, hang toys and rattles on different distances. You can also switch on some soft relaxing music.

When in a good mood, your little one will learn to entertain themselves. They will view toys, listen to the home sounds, move hands and feet, frown and smile. But do not leave your baby in this state for a long time. Keep an eye on them and stop the task before they get bored.

Make a photo of your little one making something on their own and upload to the App! Write briefly about the experience and whether your baby liked it.

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