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Play the game "Explorer"!

Play the game "Explorer"!

8 months

It is beneficial for kid to explore different objects with complex geometric shapes and surfaces. Your little one will be happy to examine and palpate the protrusions, grooves, holes, dimples and click on different buttons. Indeed, you can offer your kid to explore toys, but children are fond of "real things" - old devices: flashlight, calculator, TV remote control, alarm clock, radio, telephone, etc. And it is so exciting when their actions lead to certain effects (eg, baby pushes a button - and turns on the TV)!

Playing with real things, your kid will develop their intellect, fine motor skills, tactile sensitivity, and get more information about the world.

Thus, choose the devices you don't need anymore and offer your kid to explore them! Don't forget to explain how to use each of them.

Make photo of your kid playing with the "real things" and upload to the App. Write whether your child liked the game and about your kid's impressions.

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