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Play the game "How can I find out ..."

Play the game "How can I find out ..."

5 to 8 years

Funny game for the whole family! Rules of the game: one of you asks questions about the world around, and the others respond.

For example:

  • How can I find out whether it is cold outside? - Look at the thermometer, look  how the people are dressed on the street; listen to the weather forecast on the radio, etc.
  • How can I find out whether a box is empty or not? - Shake the box.
  • How can I find out whether someone is at home? - Knock the door, give a ring, etc.

The game expands your kid's horizons and improves their vocabulary, develops intellectual abilities.

Make photos of your kid playing the game and upload to the App. Write whether you both liked the activity.

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