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Playing with constructors

Playing with constructors

from 1 year 6 months to 3 years

Everyone knows that kids learn through games. Therefore, parents try to buy not only beautiful and high quality toys, but also developing toys. One of the most common games are with constructors. With the appearance of new, modern toys on the market, a favorite constructor is always in first place.

When can parents buy the first constructer for their child? - It is not easy to give a precise answer to this question. Kids are very different: in character, temperament, and even in their physical abilities. Therefore, remember, buying a constructor for kids, you should first take into account his/her needs and opportunities. When a child already sits well, that is, at the age of 6 – 8 months, he/she is most likely ready to be engaged in new activities: connect, collect and arrange.

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Of course, first your kid will do it with difficulty, but the more he/she plays with the constructor and trains, the better and more confident become his/her movements. The first time, the child needs constructor with fewer and smaller details, for him/her to hold them easily. This may be block cubes that kids like to add one to the other, building towers. And no need to get upset if, immediately after construction, your kid breaks the hard-built house.

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First, you need to familiarize your child with a new toy. Let them handle one piece, and the remaining parts arrange around him/her. Tell your child what material it is made from, what color his/her piece is, and what color the pieces on the floor are. Then show the child that placing one cube on another or connecting one to another he/she can build something. But don't expect that your child will begin to build and skilfully use the toy immediately. The period between introduction and when he/she starts to consciously build something, can even be several months.

Make a photo of your kid playing with a constructor. Upload it to the App and write briefly about your kid's new abilities!

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