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Manipulating Objects

Manipulating Objects

Pay attention to the development of your baby's hand mobility. To make your lessons more effective, follow our guidelines.

under 9 months

Your baby is growing and developing rapidly, and their motor skills are improving. Every day they get better at holding and gripping. Gradually, children's fingers adjust to grab the toys hanging nearby. The baby will grab and feel the toys dangling above their heads, then above the chest, and finally at their side.

Your kid will try to grab toys while lying on their stomach. It’s not possible to completely coordinate their hand movement without focusing visually. It is necessary to teach hands how to grip, because the time is coming where they will need to apply their skills to real life, which consists of different objects. Everyone needs to be able not only to grab it with their hand, but grab it easily. Then, you can try making it more challenging.

Special exercises are indispensable here. Playing with various toys, a toddler develops motor activity, hand-eye coordination, and body coordination.

When training your baby to manipulate objects, follow several important rules:

  • Train with your child every day (if possible 2-3 times a day). Duration of lessons should be 2-3 minutes.
  • Your kid should be happy to complete the process and like the toys you’re using. Praise the baby, because they worked hard, stretched, grabbed. The child must be encouraged by all means!
  • Toys must be clean: having mastered the "capture" technique, the baby may try to immediately put its prey into their mouth.
  • Choose objects with varying sizes, so that one can be clasped with two hands; others - can be held with one hand; still others - take only two or three fingers.
  • Toys of different shapes will allow the kid to learn in time how to open their palm, turn their hand, grouping fingers to hold objects.

Take a picture of the baby during the game, upload the photo to the application. Write a little about your activities.

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