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Magic clothespins

Magic clothespins

Engage in useful creativity and entertaining games with your child. These activities will help your baby in their development.

3 to 5 years

Clothespins are very good trainers for small hands, and perfectly develop fine motor skills. First, teach your toddler to attach clothespins to various flat objects, such as a cardboard or plate. Then you can wash doll clothes, handkerchiefs or baby socks and try to attach the clothespins to a clothesline.

To make lessons with clothespins fun and interesting, make toys with your baby.

  • Cut out a circle with a diameter of 10-15 cm from yellow cardboard - this will be the sun, and the yellow clothespins will be the rays of the sun.
  • Cut out the silhouette of the Christmas tree using the green cardboard, the green clothespins will be needle twigs.

If the clothespins are multi-colored, you can make a colored circle.

  1. Take heavy cardboard, glue, scissors and colored paper the same color as your clothespins.
  2. Cut out a circle from cardboard, from colored paper - whichever size and color you decide.
  3. Stick the colored segments onto the cardboard circle.

Activity picture for Magic clothespins in Wachanga
Activity picture for Magic clothespins in Wachanga
Activity picture for Magic clothespins in Wachanga

Your toy is ready! Imagine, create and play!

Take a photo of the baby while playing, upload the photo to the app. Write briefly how it went.

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