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Does your child Love You?

Does your child Love You?

Children are attached to their mothers from birth. But does it look like love?

1 to 3 years

Parents ask this question quite often. Numerous studies have shown that children react very emotionally to their mother from their earliest months of life, and not only routine care, but also emotional and positive communication with the mother is important to them.

For example, an interesting experiment was conducted. Parents played with their children as usual, but at one point the researchers forbade them to smile, they asked them to make a "stone" expression. In infants, this caused surprise, they began to try to evoke the reactions of their parents with a smile, movements, walking, but the parents did not react. After a few minutes, the behavior of the toddlers also changed: they began to turn away from their parents, there was an obvious resentment on their faces, they began to suck a finger, some children cried.

For children, the physical presence of the parent was not so important, for them the emotional reaction was important. At the end of the experiment, the parents resumed their normal behavior, and the mood of the children improved.

So, how do you show your child your love, and teach them to show theirs? This question is very important.

The child begins to realize: the presence of a close adult means safety. So try:

  • To be close to the child in unfamiliar situations and when around unfamiliar people.
  • Breastfeeding your baby. It has long been proven the benefits of not only breastfeeding but also the process itself, help emotional intimacy. Sometimes, your milk is depleted, but it is important that the mother presses the baby to her chest, hugs, and rocks, despite the lack of milk.
  • To communicate more often, even if your baby isn't even a month old yet! Call them by name, say the actions that you are doing. Pay attention to what the kid fixes their eyes on, tell us about what they see.
  • Not to leave the baby alone for a long time, at least, in the first year of their life. Be with them as often as possible, providing them with love and safety.

To teach a child to love is impossible without your presence and your love. The baby feels everything, and with your participation, there will be a desired return.

Take a picture with your child, write about how they react to your love and affection.

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