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Relaxing without your child

Relaxing without your child

Is it bad for parents to get away from their kids and get some rest and relaxation?

from 9 months to 8 years

Wachanga psychologist Maria Miller has recommendations for parents - how to act in difficult situations and maintain a good relationship with your baby.

Sooner or later, every parent will want time to relax without their kid. Some of us are ashamed to admit it, but spending time away from your baby is both normal and helpful. True, when planning this kind of a vacation, you need to consider the age of your child and how they respond to separation.

If your baby is still breastfed, weaning from the mother for a long time is not recommended - this will wreck their nutrition schedule and deprive your child of psychological protection. Traveling without a baby is best planned several months after weaning. This will assure they have time to get used to the fact that the role of their mother has changed a little.

If the child is over two years old, but is strongly attached to their parent, you should prepare for the trip in advance - and you should not be separated for a long time. If your kid has attachment issues, they should stay with a very close, well-known person, someone they have a strong relationship with, and feel comfortable and safe with.


  • You cannot fully control the person you leave your child with. If you don’t trust them fully, you’ll spend time worrying, overthinking and not relaxing.
  • Carefully consider who your baby is staying with during your absence. What exactly can this person give your baby? What impact can it have?
  • Include information about your child’s daily schedule on your list of instructions (mark any item that can be changed), the phone numbers of people who can help in an emergency, the number for their pediatrician, and discuss possible difficulties or issues, and how to handle them.
  • If your baby already seems independent, but it’s difficult for you to separate yourself from them, you definitely need some rest. It will be difficult, but important. You can be bored, can worry, but try and relax - it will be useful not only for you, but also for your child. The happiness and tranquility of a baby depends on the health and the psyche of their parents.
  • When on vacation without a child, try not to call home often. This may bother your baby, because they may be reminded how much they miss you and feel upset.
  • Instead of worrying unnecessarily, take some nice photos on vacation and stock up on positive memories, buy more souvenirs and gifts. Spend this holiday relaxing, you deserve it - because you gave the world a wonderful human. Use this opportunity to relax to the fullest.

If the thought creeps in that you are a bad parent, if you want to leave the baby and have fun at sea, think that a rested and happy parent will give a child much more warmth and attention than a parent who’s exhausted and irritable.

Be attentive to your baby!

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