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Grow orchids indoors

Grow orchids indoors

5 to 8 years

Your kid will probably like to take care of amazing home orchids!

Orchids are far tougher and hardier than most people think, and are, by and large, extremely adaptable. There is a long-standing myth that orchids are difficult, if not impossible, to grow, especially without a greenhouse. With at least 20,000 species and some 100,000 artificial hybrids, there are some notoriously fussy orchids. And there are many rugged, popular, easy-to-grow types that adapt to the temperatures and light conditions found on the average home windowsill.

Orchids are different from other houseplants. Unlike ferns, philodendrons, palms and Swedish ivy, orchids do not grow in soil. Most orchids in the wild are not rooted in the ground, but instead, attach themselves by thick roots to the sides of trees and on branches. In the house, orchids are grown in pots filled with chips of bark, stones, tree fern or some other loosely packed material, which keeps roots well-aerated and permits water to drain quickly.

Show your kid how to water the flowers - and let the little one grow his/her own mysterious window garden!

Make photos of your kid with the orchids, upload to the App. Write whether he/she liked to grow the flowers.

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