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Play games with your 3 years old

Play games with your 3 years old

3 to 5 years

Kids become more dexterous at age three. For instance, they develop the ability to hold writing utensils using a tripod grasp instead of the fist. To foster fine motor development, arrange games and activities that promote hand-eye coordination.

To support linguistic development, try out rhyming games. You can do these anywhere and anytime.

A basic rhyming game consists of you saying, I'm thinking of a word that rhymes with toy. Then your child can say something like boy.

A slightly harder version is: I'm thinking of a word that rhymes with cat and starts with the letter B. Your child can then say something like bat.

Role reversal is a great way for 3-year-olds to think creatively about how to demonstrate an activity or play a character for you.

Let your kids take the lead, offers Magsamen, and encourage them to teach you something new. This could be anything from building a castle to playing doctor.

Whatever they choose, you'll observe the wheels turning in your child's head while they use their imagination.

Make photos with your kid, upload to the App. Write what games you play with him/her.

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