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8 month old's sleep patterns

8 months

Your baby is growing up - now he/she is already 8 months old! Ready to move in new ways, your baby gets ready to cruise.

This month, your 8-month old is crawling, cruising, and experimenting with all-new ways to explore the world around them. When your baby is standing, encourage them by holding their favorite toy just out of reach and getting them to “cruise” along the furniture to get it.

For a good night’s sleep, create a routine.

Now is a great time to create more concrete bedtime rituals, such as reading the same book or doing quiet activities together.

A soothing activity that lasts 10 to 30 minutes is ideal. This will help your baby look forward to bedtime, and find it easier to adjust when you finally leave the room.

If your baby has started teething, they might start waking up in the middle of the night uncomfortable and irritated.

To help soothe your baby’s gums, give them a cold, wet, or even frozen washcloth to chew on (however, remove the washcloth when they tire of it), or rub their gums gently yet firmly with a clean finger.

Always check with your pediatrician before giving your baby any pain-relieving medication.

Make photos with your cute baby, upload to the App. Write about his/her sleep patterns.

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