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Young mothers are often worried about their figure after childbirth. To start physical activity correctly and safely, follow our tips.

under 9 months

Very often, young mothers are worried about the problem of excess weight after childbirth. And some want to start working out as soon as possible to regain their figure. But this should be done very carefully. Immediately after childbirth, physical activity is contraindicated, they can be started no earlier than after 1.5–2 months, and after a cesarean section, these restrictions may last even longer.

In addition, vigorous physical activity is contraindicated for lactating mothers, because they reduce the level of the hormone prolactin, which is responsible for normal milk production. Light gymnastics, simple fitness classes, yoga, hiking - this is what young mothers are recommended to do.

Many people try to do train abs right after giving birth - you shouldn't. During pregnancy, the abdominal muscles diverge, giving way to the baby. And until they converge back, it is not recommended to strain the muscles.

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