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Develop emotional intelligence

Develop emotional intelligence

How do you raise a child to be emotionally stable and sensitive at the same time. It's not only about their sensitivity, but also the ability to clearly define emotions.

1 to 8 years

Wachanga psychologist Maria Miller has recommendations for parents - how to act in difficult situations and maintain a good relationship with your baby.

For a happy life and personal success in the future, it is important for any child to be able to understand their emotions. The emotional intelligence of a baby needs to be developed from early childhood. First, teach them a few exercises. Perform them together, taking into account age and mood.

Box with emotions

Find a comfortable place and imagine a box. Mentally, you need to come up with the most pleasant things for you, everyone will have their own answers. First, the most beautiful sounds or your favorite songs, or voices get put in the box. Then the most delicious things, the most pleasant smells and everything that you like to touch.

Return to the box and remember everything that you put in there, relive those feelings again.

My feelings today

Begin the tradition of talking at dinner about what happened during the day. Each member of the family can share everything that they saw, did, felt. Talk together.

“Today I felt curious (happy, bored, angry, and so on) when ...”

It’s also helpful to have emotion cards to make it easier to identify and show yours. Thus, not only children, but also adults learn to understand and accept their feelings.

Talking about emotions

It is important to be able to talk about your emotions and it is equally important to teach your child how to do this by example. Explain your feelings and desires with the help of approximate formulations: “I feel (something) because (...), and I would like (...)”.

Drawing Emotions

Try to draw emotions with your baby. It's simple: when your baby experiences a new strong emotion - draw it.

Be attentive to your child!

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