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Household with a baby

Household with a baby

under 9 months

Women still spend more time on housework than men do. When babies are added into the picture, that burden only becomes heavier. The woman gets, as it were, an extra job. She regularly finds that there are just not enough hours in the day.

But there is a way out! - Learn to make your daily routine with a baby, holding him/her with your arm or just holding them close to you!

Your baby will see you and what you are doing and develop much quicker than the babies laying in their cradles! The rule is: sleep with your little one and work when he/she is awake. Give your baby various real things to explore - wooden spoons, brushes, tubes of cream, etc.

Develop new parenting skills, and you will surely like to feel confident raising your baby!

Make photos of your baby taking part in your household, upload to the App. Write briefly about your new skills and progress.

Wachanga encourages you to strictly follow all the recommendations and rules that are in effect in your area to prevent the spread of the coronavirus infection, COVID-19. Please stay at home whenever possible!

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