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How to Sing Lullabies to Babies

under 1 year 6 months

Is your baby crying, not being able to get to sleep? Tried multiple ways to get him/her to sleep? Try singing a lullaby!

Hold the baby. Cradle your baby in your arms, rock back and forth. Your contact might soothe the baby, aiding in getting him/her to sleep.

Create a rhythm. Creating a rhythm will help the baby. He/she might not understand the words, but the rhythm will soothe your baby.

Keep the environment quiet. Belting out your favorite song won't cut it. Soft, soothing tones and rhythms are the best. They calm your baby.

Focus on the melody. Your baby doesn't care if you are the worst singer in the world. Your melody and slow rhythm calms. None of the fancy stuff is needed.

Try to sing or hum soft slow songs. Sing or hum any song you want, just keep it slow and soft. Simple songs like "Rock-a-Bye Baby" or "Twinkle Twinkle" can give you a start.

To finally put your baby to sleep, keep singing or humming the same song over. A sudden change of melody could arouse your baby. Gradually get slower and quieter while patting his/her back and swaying in time. The motion will make him/her drift off to sleep.

Make adorable photos of your baby listening to your singing, upload to the App. Write about his/her favorite lullabies.

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