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How your life will change with a baby

under 9 months

Apart from the happiness that a child brings with him or her, there are many ways in which having a baby can impact a parent's life. Your roles change, there are many tasks and responsibilities and, as a parent, you suddenly realize the importance of small things.

For other people a baby is a blessing , like an angel from above which fill up the empty space in their lives . A baby is expected to complete the holes in one 's hope , faith - little as it may seem , a baby has the power to make major changes - not only from the woman who bears the child , or the man beside the woman in labor sometimes the people around the environment of the baby are also affected with the change.

Kids are one of God 's greatest gifts to any couple and needs to be cherished and appreciated - perceivably one of the most common lines heard when about giving birth ' sprouts up in any conversation . From being a couple to have another member would be hard - changing the daily activities in life , living with the wrath of time pressure , the agony of waking up in dawn to feed the baby - like a doctor in a hospital , on-call for patients that need one 's help in any time , nothing in specific for that matter .

Having children is wonderful and a joy but that doesn't mean it isn't really hard and some days completely frustrating. It can be very stressful especially if your child has colic or is a bad sleeper. It will not make a marriage stronger if it already has problems but it can definitely make a bond in a loving marriage even stronger.

Babies bring with them joy and happiness that fill the entire house and your life with happy gurgles. And soon, before you even realize it, the little one becomes the center of your universe. When the baby smiles you smile, when he/she laughs you feel like your heart is bursting with happiness. And when the little one rolls over, you feel like the proudest parent on the entire planet!

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