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Important and urgent tasks

Important and urgent tasks

under 9 months

Have you ever felt like you spend a lot of time being really busy, but at the end of the day you don’t feel like you’ve really accomplished anything? 

How can a young Mom make important and urgent tasks? - Sort all you need to do according to these categories:

  • important and urgent;
  • urgent but not important;
  • not urgent but important;
  • not important and not urgent.

Pay attention to important and urgent things. 

Set the 3 Most Important Tasks for the day. Often the best way to find out what the most important tasks are is to narrow down your three most important items for the day. Ask yourself: “If I could only do three things today, what would I feel the most fulfilled in doing?”

When we implement vision, priority, importance, thinking long-term, and a focus on providing value, the natural result is we’ll become highly effective. We also fulfill our natural desire to have impacted our lives in a meaningful way. 

Sometimes just raising our awareness is enough to increase our focus on the important. When we spend the majority of our time doing what’s most important to us, we’ll create a wealth of value for ourselves and others.

Write how you manage to do important things with your little one, upload to the App. Write briefly about your time-management skills.

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