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Learn Numbers Anywhere (Lifehack)

Learn Numbers Anywhere (Lifehack)

3 to 5 years

When your child is learning numbers, encourage them to find and read numbers and numbers on different signs, posters, on cars, etc. On a walk, on a trip, in a shop, on the way to kindergarten, pay attention to advertising signs, banners, house numbers, bus numbers, etc. Consider traffic lights, trams, cars of certain colors, steps on the stairs, the number of packages of milk in your basket - you can count everything. It's enough to show wit and keep them inspired and encouraged.

Look for numbers everywhere!

You can even come up with a name for this game. Think about the rules. Change roles. When you say the name of the game, your kid will immediately be included in the search for numbers and start counting.

Try starting to name two-digit numbers, and then three-digit numbers with your child. Look for numbers on tickets, on checks, on business cards, in books, etc

Upload a picture of your kid during your time together counting to the application. Briefly, write about their success! What methods do they like most?

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