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Motivate your kid to like reading

Motivate your kid to like reading

5 to 8 years

Motivating children to read is one of those agony-ecstasy tasks every parent and teacher faces sooner or later. 

There are lots of reasons they don’t like to read, and here you'll find some tips how to deal with this.

  • Choose good books.Select something to read can be emotional. All of us have read books that leave us breathless as we tell a friend the plot. For kids, that feeling is escalated, because selecting the right book is a declaration of independence as a reader and a commitment to a new journey. Find engaging and appropriate books for your young reader to choose from.
  • Read with your kid aloud.Anyone who’s ever read a story aloud has seen the joy in a child’s face as the plot and characters come to life. Everyone, especially children, can feel the excitement of a story as it's narrated.
  • Read together interesting books every day, even in summer

Make photos of your kid reading an interesting book, upload to the App. Write what books he/she prefers.

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