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Teach your kid to love reading

5 to 8 years

Reading is one of the most important tools of education. If you cannot read, you cannot learn - so reading is one of the first things we teach kids.

Here are some tips to help you:

  • Read books every night before bed. Just one or two - it does not take a lot of time. If you start making it part of their bedtime routine, like brushing teeth, or putting on pajamas, it becomes natural for kids, and they look forward to it. Bonus: It is special bonding time with your child each and every night!
  • Choose right books. Choose books that have just a few words per page, on up to a full page with understandable pictures, with fun colors. And the books should have a PLOT and a feel-good ending.
  • Become part of the story. It is so important while the kids are young for you to be injecting your excitement for books into that reading time. If the story is getting suspenseful, slow down and let the nervous energy build. If it's sad, lower your voice, and be sad. If it's exciting, let that show in how you are reading to your child. If you love to read, so will your child, and you will find that reading becomes more engaging for him/her.
  • Discuss books! Around the dinner table, involve your new reader in the conversation by bringing up the book that he or she read that day, and let the family ask questions about it. If your family is enthusiastic about that child's reading, it prompts within the child a desire to talk more about in the future.Before long, you will find him or her asking you to read a book in your spare time, instead of the other way around!

Make photos of your kid reading or listening to your reading, upload to the App. Write how often you read together.

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