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Learn to understand your baby

Learn to understand your baby

under 9 months

While understanding your baby may seem overwhelming at first, you'll start to read your baby's signals in no time at all. Watch how they react to being undressed, talked to, held and fed. You'll soon start to understand the experiences he enjoys, and those they don't. 

Some easily-mistaken expressions and gestures may not be hard to decide after all — as long as you can spot the signs.

  • The look: Scrunched-up face, accompanied by grunting noises What it means: He's probably uncomfortable, especially if he's crying. The likely culprit? Gas. Try rubbing his belly gently to relieve it a bit. (Note: A scrunched face without the crying, plus some widening of the eyes, may just be baby's "poop face." You'll get to know that look pretty well if you haven't already.) Wait a bit for it to pass. If it doesn't, call your doc.
  • The look: An intense, investigative stare at an object or in one general direction What it means: Baby gets fascinated pretty easily and is particularly intrigued by things around him. "They track the way objects around them move and are especially interested in edges and contrasts," explains Gopnik. Another point of fascination? Watching an object or person disappear. Swiss developmental psychologist Jean Piaget notably claimed babies don't understand that an object can still exist once it's out of view, but recent studies have thrown this theory out the window. That's why baby will continue to stare after mom has walked out the door: He's looking for her to return.
  • The look: Furrowed brows and a pouty lip What it means: He's most likely been overstimulated and on the brink of a meltdown. Place him in a swing for some rhythmic movement to chill him out and back away slowly. He needs some alone time and the comfort of his swing will probably do the trick.
  • The look: A series of unexplainable crying, yelling, or even object-throwing What it means: If this behavior is accompanied by some ploys for your attention, then guess what? That's what it is. Baby's bored (hey, it happens) and probably wants some one-on-one time. Entertain him with a fun toy or sing a song he loves.

Your baby is born ready to communicate with you. Their movements may look random, but every action your baby makes has meaning. They'll tell you what they need, and reveal their likes and dislikes through their behaviors.

Make photos with your cute baby, upload to the App. Write how you communicate and understand each other at this stage of the little one's development.

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