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Parental authority

Parental authority

Parental authority is very important for properly raising a child. As psychologists note, it is difficult to obtain and easy to lose.

under 8 years

Parents sometimes conflate authority as meaning your child is afraid of you. And when, for example, a teenager ceases to be afraid of getting a slap on the head from a parent, it seems to the parent that he has lost their authority, although in fact the child simply ceased to be afraid of them.

It is important to start building authority in the eyes of a child from early childhood, so try to notice your erroneous behavior now, if any.

A child learns to show respect if they see how you yourself show respect to them and others. Your authority should be mutual: you, too, should respect the child, not violate their personal boundaries, listen to their opinion and take their feelings into account. Exclude physical and psychological punishment when teaching them a lesson, these humiliate and traumatize the baby.

Admit your mistakes and ask for forgiveness. Speak the truth if you don't want your child to lie to you. Don't be afraid to look weak, don't be afraid to make mistakes. Be safe for the child, but natural.

Make rules for everyone, not just your toddler. And if there are rules, then all family members must follow them, otherwise your child will feel it’s not really fair. They don’t have to completely obey you, they are their own person after all, but you should try to direct them.

With appropriate rules, upbringing and love, you help your baby adapt to the world, to prepare them for adulthood. For this, your authority in the eyes of the child is important, but it should be based on respect and love, and not on fear.

Be attentive to your baby!

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