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What Music you Shouldn’t Listen To

What Music you Shouldn’t Listen To

Music for children, especially the youngest, needs to be selected carefully. Even classical melodies can harm a child.

under 9 months

Music has incredible properties. It can both heal and cripple. It can be inspiring, but also depressing.

You should be very careful about what your child is listening to, especially during the early years of their life

Babies under two years old should not listen to:

  • Works performed by a large symphony orchestra or even multiple instruments. They’re a terrible racket for the baby. And brass instruments, cymbals will make them shudder. If, after all, the piece is orchestrated, choose a chamber ensemble (which, for example, is required for the performance of Mozart's piano concertos).
  • Operas, opera arias (mom’s singing voice is unrivaled anyway, like father's or grandmother's) - not recommended for the very young.
  • Those works that carry a huge emotional charge, evoke strong empathy, even to tears. For example, Rachmaninoff's piano concertos # 2 and # 3.

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