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Why hygrometer is needed for your baby room

Why hygrometer is needed for your baby room

under 9 months

While it’s easy to see why temperature can affect baby’s health or comfort, some might be wondering about the significance of humidity for a newborn.

Here are a few answers.

Humidity is seldom an issue for healthy adult bodies who usually don’t have too much trouble adapting to varying humidity levels, or simply shrugging off the symptoms they cause. Babies however are more sensitive and need to be kept in a controlled environment whenever possible. Low humidity may cause irritation on the throat and eyes and result in coughs. High humidity on the other hand may cause a runny nose and creates favorable conditions for the development of fungus or dust mites, which in turn may cause allergies.

Doctors recommend keeping the humidity level in baby’s room between 50 and 70%.

You can even buy any 2-in-1 Thermometer Hygrometer to monitor the inner atmosphere in your little one's room.

Make photos of your baby in his/her room, upload to the App. Write what measures you take to make your baby room atmosphere convenient to your newborn.

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