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Your 8 month old baby

Your 8 month old baby

8 months

Ready to move in new ways, your 8 months old baby gets ready to cruise!

This month, your little one is crawling, cruising, and experimenting with all-new ways to explore the world around them. When your baby is standing, encourage them by holding their favorite toy just out of reach and getting them to “cruise” along the furniture to get it.

Month 8 is a good time to consider introducing new foods in addition to breastmilk or baby formula, such as: 

  • Small amounts of soft pasteurized cheese, yogurt, or cottage cheese. However, try to avoid cow’s milk until age 1 or until your child’s healthcare provider gives you the OK.
  • Iron-fortified cereals such as rice, barley, wheat, oats, and mixed cereals.
  • Mashed fruits and vegetables such as bananas, peaches, pears, avocados, cooked carrots, squash, white potatoes, and sweet potatoes.

All babies develop at different rates. You should not be concerned if your baby does something later or earlier than your friend's children.

Your baby’s fine motor skills are developing more each day. Support their progress with these helpful tips: 

  • Help your baby stand when they are near a table or sturdy object, and urge them to use it for balance.
  • Encourage them to bounce up and down while supporting them in a standing position.
  • Place a toy out of reach and encourage them to crawl toward it.

Make cute photos of your active baby, upload to the App. Write about his/her current development.

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