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Lullaby "A Kiss When I Wake "

Lullaby "A Kiss When I Wake "

5 months

Choose your favorite lullabies and other soothing songs for bedtime and learn the words. Thus you'll be ready and able to sing your little one to sleep!


A kiss when I wake in the morning

A kiss when I go to bed,

A kiss when I burn my fingers,

A kiss when I bump my head.

A kiss when my bath begins

A kiss when my bath is over,

My mamma is as full of kisses

As nurse is full of pins.

A kiss when I pull her hair,

A kiss when I play with my rattle;

She covered me all over with kisses

The day that I fell down stair.

A kiss when I give her trouble,

A kiss when I give her joy;

There's nothing like mamma's kisses

To her own little baby boy.

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