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Teach your baby to hold their head up

Teach your baby to hold their head up

under 1 month

Your newborn baby will have to learn how to hold their head up in the nearest months - and you can help him/her to strengthen neck muscles!

Stimulate the little one to turn their head side to side while lying down. Encourage them to rotate their head by slowly moving a light-up toy or brightly colored toy within their line of vision to each side, to encourage the baby to turn their head to follow it.

If your newborn isn’t looking both ways equally, position the little one in the crib so that all interesting items/toys/people are on the side that he/she rotates to less. Use sounds/music on the less favored side if there are no interesting objects to look at.

The next step is tummytime - it's never too early to start it! A great tummy time activity for newborns is also a great skin to skin activity- simply being on their parents chest on their tummy. You can alter the angle that they are on their tummy to make it easier or harder. This position also places your face close enough so they have something interesting to look at while they’re on their tummy.

Make cute photos with your little one, upload to the App. Write how your baby is learning to hold his/her head.

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