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Features to arrange your baby's room

under 1 month

Your baby's room should be comfortable both for the newborn and Mom.

The main aim is to minimize your powers for keeping the room clean and fresh, and to keep all the necessary things close at hand.

There are some tips to make your baby's room more convenient.

  • Place the baby cot in the middle of the room, as the first months your little one will be longer asleep than awaken.  This provides access to it from any direction, and will maximize alienate her from the front door, the walls (for which someone may make a noise), windows, radiators (excessive intake of dry air can desiccate the skin baby). Limit intake of light, if necessary, you can use blinds or light transparent curtains.
  • It is important to highlight the room area for the game. Get rid of carpets and carpet coverings, just put a soft warm cover on the floor playing with your little one - it is much easier to wash the cover than to clean the carpets! And it will take just minutes to wash the floor in the baby room.
  • Arrange the Mom's place - this place can be used to feed the child, here it is possible to place a bed for mom.To make the process of feeding and rocking the baby more comfortable, you can also put a rocking chair. And the first baby clothing can be neatly folded in the chest.
  • Get rid of all the unnecessary things - pictures, vases, souvenirs, trinkets, plant pots, etc., placing them in the other rooms.
  • Put your baby's things to the appropriate places. Thus, the baby clothes and bed linen should be kept in a wardrobe or a dresser, diaper, diaper cream and napkins - in a drawer of a changing table, etc. The things should be available at the places they are used!
  • Don't try to keep in your baby room all the gifts your relatives and friends give the baby, such as teddy toys.
  • Don't store old small clothes and toys under your baby's cot or on the wardrobes.

Make photos of your baby in the baby room, upload to the App. Write briefly about your solutions for arranging their space.

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