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Fruits while breastfeeding

Fruits while breastfeeding

under 9 months

A breastfeeding mom can eat just about anything she wants, so you don't have to avoid any particular types of foods while you're nursing your baby. Women all over the world breastfeed, some with diets full of spices, garlic, and gassy vegetables. Even women who do not have healthy diets can maintain a healthy supply of high-quality breast milk.

If you're breast feeding, you can help baby learn to like fruits and veggies by eating them yourself. And, regardless of whether you're breast feeding or using formula, offer baby opportunities to taste fruits and vegetables during the transition to solid foods by giving repeated feeding exposures to these healthy foods.

While your baby is still so little, start with eating small pieces of various fruits and monitor your own and his/her reaction. Choose only organically pure fruits grown in your area. Do not eat fruits on an empty stomach or after meat products.

Flavors from the mother's diet are transmitted through amniotic fluid and mother's milk. So, a baby learns to like a food's taste when the mother eats that food on a regular basis.

Make photos of your cute baby, upload to the App. Write what fruits you eat while breastfeeding.

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