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Have fun

Have fun

under 8 years

It’s important to take into account what each family member loves to do and make sure that you have time to do what you love. Have an evening of personal pleasure!

If someone in your family loves video games, let them spend time with their controller or at the computer. Take a relaxing bath. Get busy assembling a large jigsaw puzzle. This is very important for mutual understanding in the family - to ensure that everyone has personal time, the opportunity to be alone with themselves and relax.

Agree on the order of who will be with your child and when, so that both parents can fully enjoy their downtime. You can also ask a relative or friends to babysit for a few hours (if possible, take into consideration your baby’s age).

Our advice will come in handy in the future, too. Try to remember such simple but important things as often as possible. We’ll do our best to remind you as well.

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