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How much will my three week old cry?

How much will my three week old cry?

under 1 month

Crying is their main method of communication with you right now; babies cry their most in the first 12 weeks. Soon you may be able to distinguish a hungry cry from an ‘I’m bored/tired/lonely/over-excited/cold/hot’ cry, but it’s not easy.

All you can do is rule out one cause at a time: changing position so they get a new view (putting them on your shoulder with your back to a window often does the trick); taking off or putting on clothes; changing their nappy, gently rocking them or feeding them.

If they’re crying for more than three hours a day, particularly in the early evenings, they may have colic, which can start in week three. A baby with colic (basically, bad wind) may also go very red and pull their knees up to their tummy. You can help by lying them across your lap and rubbing their back, or by rubbing their tummy and by winding them half way through a feed. Sometimes nothing seems to work, and it can be really frustrating and upsetting to hear them cry so much. But the good news is that babies usually grow out of colic at around 12 weeks. Get as much help as you can with settling them until then.

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