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Posseting is very common for babies. It happens after feeding when milk comes out of the baby’s mouth. The swallowed milk is brought up back to the oral cavity and out. It is not painful for the baby, but can cause some discomfort.

There are numerous causes of posseting. The most common are:

  • weakened lower esophageal sphincter tension that occurs in most newborns and disappears after 3-4 months after birth;
  • overeating- sometimes the baby has such a big appetite that its small stomach simply cannot contain so much food and rejects it;
  • milk oversupply - a baby with little sucking experience may be unable to keep up with a huge amount of milk that flows too fast;
  • too short breaks between feeding - the baby isn’t hungry yet, but another portion of milk is already flowing into the stomach; wrong breastfeeding position.

Mothers of posseting babies often worry whether their babies are eating enough. Usually, there’s no reason to worry, as a baby normally brings up as much as 1-2 teaspoons of milk, which is unrelated to satiety. If your baby is growing and gaining sufficient weight according to its age, there’s nothing to worry about.

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