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Should I sleep with my Baby?

Should I sleep with my Baby?

under 9 months

You shouldn’t scold yourself for sleeping in the same bed with your baby, although there are constant disputes about this, and there are many arguments against it. First of all, it’s convenient for mothers - night feeding becomes easier. Nevertheless, a child takes away personal space from their parents, who usually find it difficult to sleep like this.

Many parents refuse to practice sleeping in the same bed with their child solely out of fear that their baby will get used to it and at an older age will constantly ask to sleep with mom and dad. However, there is no evidence that a child won’t learn to sleep on their own, or that they have a lot of difficulty adapting.

Shared sleep can be practiced from birth to 4-5 months, while breastfeeding is especially very common, as it is more important than ever to have mom nearby. Place their crib next to your bed so it’s easy to grab the baby and attach it to your chest. If mom doesn’t need to run often between her room and the nursery at night, she’ll have a better chance of resting. And if during sleep the baby is in the crib, but nearby, parents rest easier.

After 4-5 months, the child can be safely put to bed in the nursery. For complacency, some parents install a baby monitor, but more often it is not needed. If the baby rests uneasily, you can extend their stay in your bedroom. Also, this decision will be affected by the frequency of feeding - how often does the baby want to eat at night. Children are different, try to "sync up" your sleep schedule and baby's sleep schedule so that everyone has the opportunity to fully rest.

It is believed that by the age of one, it is more useful for the baby to finally move to their own room (if, of course, housing conditions allow). And if you yourself miss that indescribable feeling when your baby sleeps very close, under your wing, relax together during a daytime nap. At night, parents should still get enough sleep and have their own space.

Be attentive to your baby!

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