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The first weeks of your baby's life

The first weeks of your baby's life

under 1 month

The first two weeks after a baby's birth are generally very uneventful in terms of interaction between baby, parents, and siblings. Your new baby will spend much of their time sleeping during these weeks, often causing you to have to wake them up to feed them, change their diapers, etc. You will find yourself wondering when you can play with your baby. Use the time when you are feeding and changing your baby as cuddle time, as time to get to know each other and as time to talk to your baby.

At this point, your baby is only awake 10% of the time. This stage is referred to as quiet alert because your baby is often just looking around quietly. Use this time for extra bonding.

Your baby will startle at loud noises like the phone ringing, a plate dropping, or the vacuum cleaner starting up. However, this won't wake up your baby and your baby will begin to tune it out. You don't have to worry about too much noise around your baby, as your baby won't be bothered by it.

Make photos of your cute little one, upload to the App. Write briefly about those very first days of his/her life.

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