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3 month old baby senses

3 month old baby senses

3 months

Between two and three months old, your baby will discover their hands, maybe staring at them in fascination and trying to bring them towards their mouth. Efforts to control their hands may not be quite successful yet, but it’s a great spectator sport.

By three months old, you’ll find that your baby is beginning to develop more of a sense of the things around them and developing a new sense of touch. It’s possible to help your baby’s development further using different texture materials that your baby can play with and touch to further their experiences.

As well as different materials, it’s important that you get lots of skin to skin contact with your baby. Not only does it help the bonding experience of you and your baby, it can also be a real comfort for them if they’re upset or irritable.

A great way to increase the amount of skin to skin contact you gave with your baby is to try some baby massage. This can be as simple as rubbing some baby oil into your baby’s skin whilst talking to them.

Make adorable photos with your little one, upload to the App. Write briefly about his/her current development.

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