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5 month old's sleep patterns

5 months

Your baby is already 5 months old!

By the end of this month, your 5-month-old will probably be able to sit up with some support, and be able to pass toys from one hand to another. And, depending on how often your friends and family visit you, he might start displaying a wariness of strangers.

At this stage, most babies have developed an awareness and recognition of key people around them. But they also might have a mistrust and fear of those who are not familiar. Although this fear goes away with time and is nothing to worry about, it usually helps to introduce your baby to new people a little more slowly during this time.

As for sleeping, there are the following points to notice: 

  • Your baby could start waking up more during the night to feed, and might not yet sleep longer than five to six hours at a time. He might still sleep about 12 to 15 hours total every day.
  • He might start sitting up and waking himself in the process. If possible, let him try to get back to sleep on his own instead of immediately trying to provide comfort.
  • You and your partner should decide beforehand if you are comfortable with this type of baby sleep "training." Many parents call it the "cry it out" method.

Make photos with your cute baby, upload to the App. Write about his/her current sleep patterns.

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