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5 month old's sleeping patterns

5 month old's sleeping patterns

5 months

Your baby is growing up so quickly and needs enough time for relaxing and sleeping. Most babies sleep through the night by five months, but not all. To encourage your baby to get into a regular nighttime sleep rhythm, establish a bedtime routine. Start with a warm bath, followed by a few minutes of gentle rocking with a song and story, and their eyelids are sure to start drooping.

Get into the habit of putting your baby into the crib drowsy, rather than fully asleep. This way, they will learn how to soothe themselves to sleep rather than relying on you.

During the daytime, your baby will still need two naps - one in the morning and one after lunch. Try not to delay naps until the baby is already tired and cranky. Put them in the crib at the first signs of sleepiness.

Make cute photos of your sleeping baby, upload to the App. Write about his/her current sleeping patterns.

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