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6 months old developing tips

6 months

At 6 months old, your baby's half way through their first year and really kicking on (although not quite walking).

Babies of this age are fascinated by touching different textures – feeling running water through their fingers, scrunching up a ball of paper, running their hands along blades of grass. Stimulating their sense of touch is great practice for weaning when they are trying differently textured foods and will also help their curiosity and attention span.

Help your baby to develop:

  • Babies of this age absolutely love animal noises and they are beginning to understand that different creatures make different sounds. Show him pictures of animals in a book and make all the noises, one by one. He will love it
  • Your baby needs plenty of stimulation but don’t think you have to be madly waving toys and making realistic animal noises all day long. They also need quieter periods – a few minutes at a time - when they can play on their own with no prompts. It’s great practice for later if they can learn now to amuse themselves a bit
  • Your baby may also like repeating one syllable, such as "ba", "ma", "ga", or other consonant-vowel combinations, over and over. He may even add another syllable or two, making their sounds more complex
  • Stacking blocks and cups are going to have a bit of a moment now. Developing hand-to-eye coordination is one of the biggest challenges for your baby, and these are a great way to learn

Make cute photos of your playing baby, upload to the App. Write about his/her favorite activities and games.

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