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Dealing with your 1 month old baby

1 month

Listen closely - your baby is communicating with you!

While still in the womb, your baby used many of their senses to get to know you. Now, as they take in everything in the "outside" world, they use that information to communicate with you.

After learning to recognize your voice, your face, and your touch, and to associate them with comfort, your baby will start responding even more to you during these months — and will even give you a smile!

Babies this age spend more time awake and alert and become more curious about their parents and about objects that they see. They also start getting physically stronger and better able to coordinate movements. Encourage the learning process by talking to your little one, responding to his or her vocal expressions, and providing colorful age-appropriate toys.In their first month, your baby sees best within 12 inches of their face. They are staring a lot, and likes bold shapes and high-contrast objects, such as a black and white bull's-eye. They love looking at faces, especially your expressions, and might imitate them right away.

They generally like sounds that change, such as your voice or music, but might react negatively to loud sounds. Their hearing is well developed, but they will not yet look for the source of the sound. When startled by a noise, they might cry, stiffen their body and legs, or thrust their arms outward and pull them back to their chest.

Make photos with your cute baby, upload to the App. Write how you deal and play with the little one.

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