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Dealing with your 3 month old

Dealing with your 3 month old

3 months

Is anything better than watching your baby growing and changing every day? Your 3-month-old is working on strengthening their hand muscles, and in five to six months, they should be able to pick up toys. To help them along, put a rattle in their hand and gently tug on the big end. This can also help him strengthen their muscles.

You might not realize it, but your 3-month-old is becoming aware of their surroundings. Help familiarize them in some simple ways:

  • Prop them up so they can watch what goes on around them.
  • Look in mirrors. Put a non-breakable metal or plastic baby mirror in the crib or playpen. Show them the mirrors around your home.
  • Rock them in a rocking chair or porch swing. As you hold them, talk softly and look into their eyes.
  • Have quiet times. Your baby needs some quiet time to babble, play, and explore their world, so turn off the radio, TV, or stereo.
  • Give them different textures to feel, such as stuffed animals, plastic toys, or pieces of terry cloth or rubber. (Be sure that the pieces are not too small and that they cannot be torn off and swallowed.)
  • Sing quietly to them before bed.

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