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Help your baby develop

Help your baby develop

5 months

As the months go on, your baby’s muscles will be getting stronger and they’ll be progressing from laying on their back, to laying on their front. By five months old a few babies may have mastered sitting up around now, but the majority will still look like the leaning Tower of Pisa and will need all the cushions you have to prop them up.

  • To help your baby sit, move their legs to form a V-shape, which helps them balance. Once they are in this position, place a toy in front of them to play with. Make sure you – and plenty of cushions – are nearby to provide support and rescue
  • Place a toy in one of your baby’s hands and then another. They will soon learn to pass the toy from one hand to the other all by themselves
  • Swinging your baby gently up and down and rocking them side to side will help improve their balance and perception of movement in preparation for crawling
  • It’s way too early for standing up but help your baby to stand up and kick his legs by holding him under his armpits when you are playing together
  • Move a toy just out of reach during daily tummy time and watch them try to reach it. If they can’t, move it a bit closer for an easy win so they don’t give up
  • They will shriek with laughter at roly-poly toys that bounce back up when they are knocked over

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