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Newborn Sleep

Newborn Sleep

How should your child sleep in the first month of their life? Sleep is very important to help your baby adapt to new conditions and with proper development.

under 1 month

The first month is the most important in a child's life. The kid gets used to new, unusual conditions for themselves. Parents try to give them the maximum comfort.

A child at this age sleeps a lot - this is a very important point in their development. There are three phases of sleep and two phases of wakefulness in a newborn.

Sleep can be deep (the child breathes smoothly and calmly) and shallow (breathing can be inconsistent, twitching arms and legs). Sometimes the baby does not sleep, but seems to rest, nap or doze off (for example, during feeding).

During wakefulness, your baby often actively moves their arms and legs. If they lie still and are calm, this often means they are comfortable in their environment. If the baby cries, then for some reason they're not comfortable, which is what they are trying to tell you.

Tell us about your baby's daily schedule.

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