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Sleep patterns and tips

Sleep patterns and tips

2 months

Your baby is growing up - he/she is already 2 months old!

Babies use many of their senses to get to know their mothers while they are still in the womb. As your baby takes in everything in the "outside" world, she uses that information to communicate with you. Right now, it’s all about the body language. Your baby cannot speak yet, but her body is speaking to you loud and clear, if you know what to look for. 

As for sleeping, there are several important points to notice:

  • Your baby will probably sleep for shorter periods during the day and longer stretches at night.
  • To help them get used to falling back to sleep on their own, gently place them down in the crib while they're groggy but still awake.
  • Keep your rooms and interaction bright and lively during the day.
  • Keep rooms and interaction dim and calm in the evening.

Make photos with your cute little one, upload to the App. Write briefly about his/her current sleep patterns.

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